Cindy Reid, Animal Behaviourist

Although born in Montréal, as a teen moving to the rural area of Chateauguay Valley in Québec became the catalyst that sparked my interest in animal behaviour. Living on a farm, animals were always a part of my life and therefore became a primary focus interacting especially with horses and dogs.

As a quiet child, my sense of observation nurtured more of an instinctual silent communication that seemed natural to me. I found that I had an intrinsic connection with animals, learning to use body language and hand signals that they easily understood. It lead me to further notice that all animals were sensitive to spacial pressure and energy. This had a huge impact when interacting with an animal that either lacked trust and showed fear, or conversely one that behaved aggressively with no respect.

Relocating to Kelowna, BC lead me further into the world of horse ownership, riding, and training both horses and dogs. Various workshops and programs helped further develop my existing skills and kept my curious mind engaged. Contacted strictly by trusted word of mouth, over the years I have been very fortunate to have met and helped many wonderful people and their respective family pets overcome very common yet highly frustrating behavioural issues.

Now working more prominently with dog owners, I passionately enjoy the challenge of helping transform each unique situation from chaos to calm.

Client Testimonials


Mika and Diego

"In respect to what we have received for our dogs we as well have been taught some very valuable tools to work with and enhance our relationships with our pets. We would highly recommend Cindy Reid to anyone with pets of any kind as we have seen her work miracles with everything from dogs/cats and especially horses. We look forward to working together again."

craig and maria, owners



Shady and Sassy

"I am now the leader and not the follower and I can honestly say I am admired by other dog owners. What a wonderful feeling to be their leader. The dogs and I no longer feel stressed before our walks. Thank you Cindy for your knowledge and help, we are in heaven."

Danielle, Owner



"Cindy was very dedicated and professional every time dealing with her! She follows up the next day after a training session to see how you are doing and the dog. Her knowledge is beyond amazing! She listens to you whenever you text her or call her and then gives suggestions to help you and your dog be calm together!"

Cindy and Sonny, Owners

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If you'd like to contact me, feel free to use the form below. Alternatively, you can call me at 250-212-2060. I service the greater Kelowna area and am relatively flexible for out-of-town calls.

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