About My Photographer


Jennifer Jones is the inspirational and exclusive photographer for my website. Ragg Dogg Pet Photography is her creative outlet that has kept her mobile over the years, gifting people with truly memorable keepsakes.

My vision to initiate a website that would provide ongoing case profiles relative to what people experience with their own dogs every day – had to also provide a  photo that could help distinguish each pet’s story. As I am humbly welcomed into numerous homes – entrusted to work intimately with family pets and their owners – accurate representation is vitally important.

Recognizing my inability to train and juggle a camera at the same time – a standard ‘mug shot’ just wouldn’t do. The search was on for just the right person to help support my overall intentions.

Jenn’s skill in capturing a dog’s sense of personality through the lens is quite remarkable. Embracing intimate close-up shots, she has the honed talent of drawing out the essence of individuality. Whether the dog is a moving target or sitting pretty, Jenn is always up for the challenge! She amazes me and is a delight to work with. Prepared with all the tricks of her trade, every dog is a willing participant excited to please.

Once a client previews their dog’s pics for approval on this website, many of them express interest to obtain copies to enjoy within their family home. As Jenn joins me on select appointments at my request, each client saves substantially from a dropped, standard sitting fee usually charged. Reasonable rates are offered per shot(s) alongside your choice of alternate shots and photo size exclusive to my clients.

I invite you to take a more personalized look at a sampling of Jenn’s work that includes volunteer photography for Rescues: