About My Techniques


There are numerous well qualified dog trainers that hold basic obedience and agility training classes. I support and in occasional cases will advise a client to participate within this type of class, however this is not what I do.

I help people transform chaos to calm within their home.  Overcoming pre-existing behavioural issues is my natural calling. I offer logical simple solutions for common problems that people face on a daily basis with their family pets. From leash pulling, incessant barking, jumping, nipping and territorial to adoption/rescues, aggression, and anxieties/fears – I get presented with it all. No limit to age or breed, there is always a path of least resistance available for dog owners and their troubled pet. I happen to be fortunate in being able to help connect the dots between humans and their beloved canines to create a happier balanced environment in and out of the home. This is how I proceed:


Working one on one, every appointment is personalized. I gain information from the owner’s description of what they believe to be their dog’s issue. I then gain further insight from the dog itself (reading their existing behaviour) to complete the full picture. This enables me to target the individualized issue(s) in order to devise a succinct plan of action. Remember, what you see is not necessarily why your dog behaves the way they do. I will show you first hand the potential of how your dog is capable to focus, understand and obey what you ask of them.


This is the ah-ha moment for most people. The modification starts with you, then your dog. My job is to teach dog lovers to be dog leaders. This is the ultimate level of affection you can give your dog, as it is ultimately what they seek of you. We tap into your dog’s intrinsic desire to please their Leader. Once you reverse roles: Human leads, dog follows… You both are on the path to harmony!

During the initial visit, I teach the dog owner a different perspective in how to read and thereby understand dog energy and body language relative to their dog’s current mannerisms. I then demonstrate the potential of how quickly their family pet can transform unwanted tendencies to improved demeanor virtually right away. Demonstrating simple definitive corrections and rewards that the dog can understand, and with the correct timing – you now become empowered to communicate your desires effectively. The added information gained is of value for a lifetime and pertains to any dog you may encounter in future.


Once I arm the dog Leader with knowledge, the proper training tools and how to apply them… It is up to you to incorporate the follow through. Consistent routine is what creates permanent change. Follow through to experience a focused, calm and happier family companion for you to ultimately enjoy.

Dogs live in the moment, therefore are totally receptive to change. They are non-judgemental and extremely forgiving – even when we mess up! That is their ultimate gift to us humans.


Truly give your dog what they need, in order for them to give you what you want.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE:  Let me show you how.